Items Available through Cafepress
By way of an experiment I have started to offer additional items through Cafepress. These include T-Shirts and other items of apparel, mugs and steins (not nearly as nice as the glass items available here) and other bits and pieces. For the moment I am seeting up individual stores on a surname basis. Click on the link below to visit my various stores. New stores will be added by request or as time permits. If you have a real interest in my setting up a store for you, please use the request form below.
To request a store for your family coat of arms, please use this request form. When the store is set up I will let you know by email.

Cafepress Store List (Heraldry)

Cafepress Store List (Non heraldry)


Things get better with age ... I'm approaching magnificent (women)

Murphy of Munster (Cork, Kerry, etc.)

Things get better with age ... I'm approaching magnificent (men)

 Featuring the coat of arms of Ridgeview Classical Schools of Fort Collins, Colorado. there's also a alternate version Ridgeview2

Lori Clark
 (an example of shop set up for someone who ordered a new coat of arms design)




(Mc) Carthy

(O) Reilly


de la Torre

The Keene Family

William Hammond

Rev Phillip R Kemp

Plantation Brewing House

Fr Simon Scruton OSB

McCarthy / MacCarthy / Carthy